Siefert Dentistry is a multi-generation practice with a fantastic group of word-of-mouth patients.

As a second-generation family practice, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care. Dr. Jim Siefert first opened the practice in 1955 and established himself as a trustworthy healthcare provider in the Columbus community. Today, his son Dr. Tod Siefert enjoys continuing to work with many of those same patients, as well as their children and grandchildren. Our office is truly a family practice, and we work hard to ensure that our patients are well informed about their healthcare options, and to provide them with outstanding service.

We are always accepting new patients and look forward to meeting you!

Patient Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of Dr. Siefert being my dentist for almost 12 years after my previous dentist retired. I am in my early 60s and had a great deal of dental work done when I was young. About 10 years ago many of my previous fillings and other work began to fail and for one two-year period Dr. Siefert performed a series of crown/filling replacements. That work has held beautifully and has been trouble-free since. He is always very thorough in explaining the implications of what might be “going on” and in explaining options for treatment. He has, with my approval, taken conservative approaches when that is possible. He clearly takes a “long term view” of dental care and encourages preventive measures which, in my case have made a great deal of difference. On the few times that I’ve needed “emergency” services they have been quickly arranged. The office staff is extremely competent and friendly and billing services are prompt (in terms of collecting on insurance and billing differences timely). I have had six dentists in my life and Dr. Siefert is hands down the best. An added bonus is a lovely new office suite that is contemporary, peaceful, easily accessible, and which provides easy parking. Again, I’m most impressed with the “sensibility” of his care and treatment.